Voluntary Social Welfare Services is the Part of Wisdom Meditation Clinic. Wisdom Meditation Clinic

Voluntary Social Welfare Services

Voluntary Social Welfare Services

Voluntary Social Welfare Services

Wisdom meditation clinic provides various voluntary social welfare services. Along with yoga and meditation,
our social services encourage you to be a part of us. Some of our popular voluntary services are taking care of orphans. Our aim is to make everybody happy with our capacity.

We all are social animals. So being associated with various social welfare services is our duty.
That’s why Alan with meditation and yoga we are providing various social welfare services as volunteers. If you love social welfare you can join us as a volunteer.

Today everyone has problems. Having a deficiency of clothes and food is one of the most important
problems. Having social welfare services to include the help methodology to the orphans mainly who are very young. Helping the poor is one of the most significant parts of our social welfare.

With our online guided meditation and yoga classes we also take care of some social activities not
only to inspire people but also to inspire ourselves. The first duty of a social animal is to take care of others. Some of our popular social welfare activities are:

Donating food and clothes to the orphans.
Taking care of orphans’ education.

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